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Bill Saunders Calls & Gear - Pro Staff
Meet the Bill Saunders Calls ProStaff

Bill Saunders Calls pro-staff consist of some of the nation's top callers, hunters and guides. These guys know how to finish 'em. If you are in need of assistance with calling, tuning, or just have a question about hunting, feel free to contact any of the Bill Saunders pro-staff.

Think you have the right stuff to be on the pro-staff? Email bill at for more information on joining this elite group of waterfowlers.
Pro Staff Members

Andrew Graham
Washington, USA

My name is Andrew Graham and am currently 13 years old and live in Cheney, Washington. I usually spend about 50-60 days a year chasing geese, ducks, upland, and turkey. I started hunting when I was four, but not carrying a gun until 9. I got hooked my first waterfowl "hunt", it was a jump shoot in the early season, with literally about 300 ducks on it, I remember picking out the closing duck, and after the dog brought it to me, it was a banded hen.

I've been competition calling for just one year now and am off to an ok start. I will always call for Bill Saunders Calls & Gear because I just love the gooseyness in Bill's calls. In, a couple years, I'm hoping to take myself over to Easton.

If you guys are interested in contest calling, I say do it. It's the greatest way to meet a lot of really helpful people and a great offseason preparation for the upcoming season. When I'm not hunting, I'm playing sports or hanging out with my friends and family.

Bob Farrell
Montana, USA

I was raised in eastern Nebraska, and currently live in Livingston, Montana. I enjoy hunting many creatures, including elk, deer, antelope and turkeys, but devote upwards of 120 days per season hunting waterfowl mostly up and down the central flyway. . I also enjoy fly fishing, fly tying and riding my Natgear Harley-Davidson.

Brian Hauptman
Nebraska, USA

My name is Brian Hauptman, I was born and raised in Omaha, NE and now reside in the Western Nebraska Panhandle near the North Platte River Valley. I fell through the top of my first goose pit when I was about 7 and have been fascinated by waterfowl ever since. I enjoy pursuing geese more than any other living creature. I have a wonderful wife that is very tolerant of my addiction as well as a little boy, that I hope someday will be my favorite hunting partner. I work for the BNSF railroad as an electrician. When I am not hunting I enjoy spending time with my family, my chocolate lab Deke, and relaxing watching duck and goose porn.

Brian Mellenbacher
Washington, USA

I live in Burbank, Washington.  I am a farmer full time and own a waterfowl guide business.  I began pursuing waterfowl at an early age tagging along with my uncle shagging birds for him.  As I became of age to start hunting on my own I had to earn my stripes and learn what it took to be sucsessful.  Here in the lower columbia basin the birds are pressured more so than  probably any where in the country.  So with that said, having the right gear is essential.  I have used a wide varity of calls from other companies in the field over the years, and none are more superior than Bill Saunders.  Not a day goes by when I am hunting that you will not see my I-5 killer or my Traffic around my neck.  For ducks, my go to call without question is the triple reed.  Day in and day out Bill Saunders calls will produce results.

Carson Mackey
Washington, USA

My name is Carson Mackey. I live in Selah, Washington and I am a freshman in high school. I have been hunting ever since I can remember and have been hooked from the start. The first duck hunt I ever went on was a jump shoot at some local ponds when I was 6. Needless to say, it hooked me for life. I have consistently hunted ducks and geese throughout the last several years and plan to continue for the rest of my life.

I contest call in the summer and have had a blast with that. I have became acquainted with many people around this part of the country and have made a lot of new friends. When I'm not at a contest, I'm usually running around with my buddy hunting pigeons at the local dairies. I enjoy hunting turkey's, deer, and elk and will never miss the chance to catch some salmon or steelhead.

I can say that my "go to" calls for waterfowl hunting will have to be Bill Saunders calls. I have used them for a long time and will continue to use them because they work. I would like to thank my dad for getting me started in the sport and John Plughoff for teaching me the tricks and tactics on goose hunting and calling.

Chad Carlson
Oregon, USA

My name is Chad Carlson. I live in a small town in Eastern Oregon. I moved here about 8 years ago to attend college and never left when I graduated. I spend all my free time away from work out chasing all the game this area has to offer. I bowhunt for deer and elk and occasionally turkeys. I do spend a lot of time in the spring hunting the increasing population of big Rio’s. My summers are busy volunteering time with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife banding ducks and geese. I also help clean up and restore blinds that are on our public hunt areas. I have recently taken up the sport of competition calling. It has been a great way for me to increase my calling skills and meet people that are as fanatic about waterfowl as I am. I travel up to Canada twice a year to take advantage of the great waterfowling opportunities that our neighbors North of us have. Each year I take out some youths during our state sponsored waterfowling days. It is a great time for me to call birds in and get our youth excited about duck and goose hunting. I also guide for Pacific Wings in Eastern Washington when I can find time to get away from my regular 9-5er.

Chad Eidson
Washington, USA

I am very lucky to have been born and raised in a hunting family in the waterfowl rich Columbia Basin of Washington State and started hunting at an early age. While I like many different types of hunting waterfowl has always been my main interest. I have turned this interest into a full time job guiding water fowlers from around the country for the last nine years. I have guided in Washington, Texas, and Alberta, Canada, and hunted many other states along the way. My interest in the calling aspect of waterfowl hunting has also led to me competing in contest calling. I have had the good fortune to have traveled all over the western states attending waterfowl shows and competing in contests. I have several top finishes including winning the Washington State Goose Calling Contest in both 2005 and 2008.

Cody Grounds
Colorado, USA

Hello, my name is Cody Grounds, I grew up on the front range of Colorado. My passion for waterfowl hunting started at a young age. I was 12 years old the first time I went hunting and I've been hooked ever since. My passion for hunting has grown over the years, it has taken me on many adventures all over the US, and to Canada. Throughout my waterfowl experiences I have found that I have a passion for waterfowl photography. I always look forward to the next adventure that presents itself, and to the new places I will have the pleasure of experiencing.

Cody McCarthy
Washington, USA

My name is Cody McCarthy I am originally from north Idaho, but I am currently playing football for Eastern Washington University. Even though football and school take up time, I still manage to get out every week in the woods or water. Whether it mallards locking up over the decoys or a big long beard strutting in the field in front of me you will find me out there chasing them. I was raised in a family of waterfowl hunters.  I cut my teeth (literally) on my father’s calls when I was a baby.  As a 3rd Generation Waterfowl Hunter I grew up around both sets of grandparents, uncles and my father prepping equipment and leaving the home many hours before daylight to ready a blind for that mornings action.  Even my mother has a love for hunting waterfowl.  My earliest baby pictures were of me with decoys, dogs or that day’s limit of waterfowl. My whole family is avid hunters and fishermen. I am also a avid big game hunter, whether it’s bugling and closing the distance on a big bull with my bow, or setting up my ballistics to shoot a deer at long ranges. I have been around the outdoors my entire life. I believe that learning and developing to call the game brings me closer to my prey and builds a richer and more memorable experience as well as bringing home more limits for the table. I live my life by three words faith, family, and the outdoors. 

Cory Hamrick
Idaho, USA

I am a native of Idaho, where I have spent the past 12 seasons hunting all the game this great state has to offer. In 2002 I began manufacturing decoys with partner Marcus Flesher. Our decoys (Hard Core Decoys) are now used by some of the nation's top waterfowl hunters. Research and development puts me in the field about a hundred days each season, hunting from Canada to Colorado and everywhere between. I guide in the fall in Eastern Washington at Pacific Wings. The summers are busy building decoys and competing in calling contests (2001 Idaho State Champ)

Dave Beischer
Illinois, USA

My name is Dave Beischer. I live in Lake Zurich IL with my very patient and understanding wife Stephanie, our 1-year old daughter Ella and expect our second child in May 07.

I grew up in Wisconsin, hunting waterfowl, deer and turkey with my Dad. He started my waterfowling addiction in the famed Horicon Marsh, where at age 8 I made background clucks to help him bag his geese.

Since moving to the northwest suburbs of Chicago, I've put myself in one of the nations most popular hotspots for Canada geese. I was fortunate enough to become friends with a group of seasoned hunters that share the same passion as me - bringing birds in close and putting their feet on the ground.

I now spend almost 60 days a year chasing waterfowl all over the Midwest with friends and family. My off-season interests include boating and swimming...all while counting down the days until next October.

Derek Amorim
Nebraska, USA

My name is Derek Amorim. I was born and raised in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada where I still currently reside with my very understanding wife and new born son. I began hunting waterfowl with my dad at the age of 7 when holding a duck and goose seemed like a heavy task. I now chase ducks and geese across the province of Ontario from the beginning of our early goose season in September right through to the end of late goose season in March. With such a long season coupled with living in the most densely populated area of Canada, being realistic is key to success. I have relied on Bill Saunders calls to give me the edge over other hunters when in the field. I will never step foot in a field without my traffic on my lanyard. In the off season you will find me chasing turkeys, competing in calling contests, fishing competitive bass tournaments, and snowmobiling. Aside from having consistently successful seasons, my main future goal is to instil the love and passion I have for waterfowling in my son. I'd like to thank my very understanding wife for allowing me the time away to do what I love season after season. Remember to take a kid hunting and fishing.

Dillon Stutzman
Nebraska, USA

My name is Dillon Stutzman. I'm 18 years old and live in Burwell, Nebraska located in the north central part of the state. My Dad and I started a waterfowl guide service, Calamus Webfooters L.L.C., three years ago. When the hunting season arrives I'm either guiding or hunting with friends. In the summer, if I'm not working I'm fishing or getting ready for the fall season. I started hunting with my dad when I was four and shot my first goose when I was seven. I won my first goose calling contest when I was eight. My successes for getting the birds in close are my Guides Series Calls, and Final Approach Blinds.

Dusty Bourasa
Oregon, USA

My name is Dusty Bourasa. I live in Eastern Oregon and I am a Corrections Officer. I have been waterfowl hunting for 20 plus years. Waterfowl hunting is a passion of mine and I wait for the upcoming season every year. I have guided hunters for big game, waterfowl, and upland game birds for the last 10 years for different clubs and Outfitters. I have seen the change in waterfowl products from what we thought was awesome back in the day, to what is available now. Such as decoys, blinds and calls. I used calls such as the Olt, Big River flute, and countless others that I have too many to mention. I have been using Guide Series calls since it was established and Bill has done a great job of designing the perfect short reed call for the goose hunter. Guide Series have the sounds that the honkers like to hear. Bill always puts it best, "Why take them tall, when you can finish them." Words of wisdom right there. Thanks to all and good luck! Dusty Bourasa

Eric Bragg
Texas, USA

My name is Eric Bragg, I'm 22, and I'm from Springtown, Texas. I've hunted waterfowl all my life, all over the central flyway. My father started taking me at the age of 5 and I've been hooked ever since. At 12 I picked up my first short reed goose call and began practicing daily. At 18 I won the CWA Open Goose contest and the Cabelas Open Goose in Fort Worth, Texas. Soon as I was able to drive I was working as a helper in west Texas learning to run goose hunts. I currently guide waterfowl hunts in SW Oklahoma for Finishline Outdoors. I hunt 60+ days a year chasing game from Canada all the way down to Texas. During the offseason I spend my time at the lake with friends or blowing goose calls and getting ready for the following season. I believe the traffic is one of the most versatile calls out there and you'll always find one on my lanyard!

Jason Caswell
Saskatchewan, Canada

I'm Jason Caswell. I spent my childhood hunting the Delta Marsh for divers and hanging out as a child with some very influential waterfowl minds at the Delta Waterfowl Research station. Not surprisingly, I headed straight into waterfowl management which took me to Louisiana to do a Masters degree in goose hunting and then Saskatchewan to do a Ph.D. in arctic goose biology. I am currently living in Edmonton Canada with my young son "Brant", my Yellow Lab "Rossii" and am enjoying day to day life employed with Alberta Fish and Wildlife as the provincial waterfowl and upland bird specialist. In my path I have been fortunate to have studied many aspects of duck and goose biology and hunting including the influence of electronic snow goose calls on Canada and white-fronted geese, effect of spinning wing decoys on ducks, hunter selection of neckbanded geese, and Ross's goose population dynamics. When hunting season is over I stay close to a skeet field where I train for the upcoming shooting year. I am a 6-time national Olympic skeet champion and have represented Canada at 2 Olympics, 2 PanAm Games, 2 Commonwealth Games, 12 world championships, and countless world cups. Have yourself a super fall!

Jason Yablonski
Pennsylvania, USA

My name is Jason Yablonski and I live in State College, PA. What started out as a weekend activity, waterfowl hunting has become my passion.

Growing up, my skills were honed in the Susquehanna River valley. Thanks to a father with 35+ years of experience, my learning curve was rather short. Whether it was hunting backwater potholes or flooded cornfields I learned to fool season wary birds.

Since graduating from college I have been able to concentrate more on finding and hunting ducks and geese. Having a flexible schedule allows me to hunt at least 50-60 days a season and countless miles scouting for the next day in the blind. Although I love to hunt ducks, working a flock of honkers can’t be beat. Having geese on the deck and cupped is the name of the game. Since the majority of geese I hunt are residents, mixing it up is the key. I am always learning new tactics and surround myself with reliable and quality products to fool these wary honkers, because most of the time, there isn’t a second chance. I can thank Bill Saunders calls, especially his Traffic, for my success throughout the season.

If I’m not chasing ducks and geese, you can find me casting a fly on one of central PA’s spring creeks, on the lake fishing for striper or practicing my calling.

Jeff Pelayo
North Dakota, USA

My name is Jeff Pelayo, Owner-Operator of Anatidae Wingshooting Adventures (AWA) Waterfowl and waterfowling have been a passion and a lifestyle of mine since I was a young boy. I do something related all year…yes…I love it that much!  I have over 30+ years of waterfowling experience from across the USA and Canada. My favorite places to hunt are the prairies of the USA and Canada and also Izembek Lagoon, Cold Bay, Alaska. I am a Waterfowl Biologist by trade. I received my early training at the Delta Waterfowl and Wetlands Research Station in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada. I earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Wildlife Biology from Humboldt State University, Arcata, California and a Master’s of Science degree in Biology from the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. For my graduate thesis, I studied some important questions in life history evolution of Ruddy Ducks in the Minnedosa pothole region of Manitoba. I have studied other breeding and wintering waterfowl in remote regions of Alaska and throughout the prairie potholes of the USA and Canada. My research findings are published in prominent Ornithological journals. I have been employed by such organizations as California Waterfowl Association, Delta Waterfowl, Ducks Unlimited and the USGS Alaska Science Center.

I am a collector and scholar of old decoys and other waterfowling artifacts from the Chesapeake Bay region. Preserving waterfowling history is of great interest to me. Most important are my young boys, the AWA Black Dogs – Cypress Creeks Black Jet “Jet”, Riversides Razmataz “Raz” and Cypress Creeks Black Ace “Ace”. I enjoy training my labs to be the best gun dogs they can be! I want my clients to experience what it is like to hunt over wonderful retrievers with tons of drive! To me…one of the most rewarding aspects of waterfowling is watching black dogs that love the game as much as I do! My older brothers are largely responsible for who I am today….taking me hunting at an early age was enough to do it! For me, life has come full circle – welcome to my world.

From the Prairies to the Tundra….Let’s get ‘em!   

Joe Citrano
Maryland, USA

My name is Joe Citrano, i'm 35 years old. I live on Maryland's eastern shore in the town of Ocean Pines. My dad took me goose hunting when I was 6 years old and I've been hooked ever since. I used to deer hunt too, but my waterfowl obsession took over. I hunt ducks or geese every chance i get. I've had the opportunity to hunt a few states, mostly Maryland and Delaware,but have also been to Canada, as well.

I do a lot of different kinds of hunting; canada's, snows, brant, puddle ducks, divers and sea ducks. I'm lucky to have so many options.

As waterfowl hunting is becoming more popular the birds are under a lot of pressure.Calling is more important now than it has ever been and Bill Saunders makes a great call for lots of different situations. I've been contest calling off and on for a few years with a few wins and I've placed a bunch of times but always had fun.

When I'm not hunting I'm always getting stuff ready for the next season. Working on blinds, building sneak boats, carving decoys and practicing on my calls, etc. Aside from the hunting stuff, I also love the water so I spend as much time in it as I can fishing crabbing,and riding some waves.

Before we know it the season will be upon us so practice your Saunders call, stay low and shoot straight.

John Westenbarger
Michigan, USA

My name is John Westenbarger and I live in Gaylord, Michigan. Located on the 45th parallel, Gaylord is an area that has a rich offering of waterfowl adventures.  Our hunting consists of shooting small ponds, and fields for puddle ducks and geese, to gunning the Great Lakes for divers and sea ducks.  My passion for waterfowl was seeded in my soul at about the age of five after seeing my Dad’s duck decoys.  I began my waterfowl career about 20 years ago while obtaining my degree in Fisheries and Wildlife management at Lake Superior State University.   It was during this time that my OBSSESION for chasing honkers and a quest for fulfilling a life list was born.

Since those early days, I have accumulated over 47 species of waterfowl on my life list and have had the privilege to hunt all four flyways and in South America.   Though my travels have provided me some wonderful experiences, it is my passion for the moans, clucks and honks of Canada geese that keeps me running and gunning from early September to late January and from Ontario down to Texas.  In pursuit of chasing honkers, my go to call is the Traffic.  The speed and irresistible notes that the Traffic produces can even have the toughest honkers dancing over the decoys.  I am proud to be a member of the Bill Saunders’s pro-staff. 

In the offseason, I enjoy working on my farm, and training my dogs with my lovely wife and two boys.

Justin Hill
Texas, USA

My name is Justin Hill. I am 27 years old and reside in Abilene, TX with my wife Britt. My father is to blame for my obsession of the outdoors. At age six I graduated from blind buddy and bird dog to experience hunting first hand. Ever since I have been hooked. I am very blessed to have grown up with a great farming family and many friends right smack in the middle of paradise. Thanks! It is an understatement to say how wonderful and tolerant my wife is in allowing me to pursue my passion 70+ days a year. In Texas there is always something to hunt. Credit for much of my success is due to a close group of hunting buddies. Their shared knowledge and experiences have helped make many great memories. The lessers we hunt are very heavily pressured. It was the decision to be different that led me to Bill Saunders Calls. For three years now Traffic and Reload have had a permanent place on my lanyard. These calls are easy to blow, withstand abuse and always perform. If I am not chasing birds with family or waterfowl obsessed friends you might find me guiding hunts for Webfoot Connection in Rochester, TX. During the off season I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, traveling, and anything outdoors. However, my wife may say there is no off season.

Kyle Fagler
Wyoming, USA

My name is Kyle Fagler, I'm from southeastern Wyoming. I grew up along the Front Range of Colorado and have been guiding duck, goose and crane hunts for fourteen years now full time. I enjoy the atmosphere of the waterfowl industry and meeting new people all the time. I credit my Bill Saunders calls to a lot of success with those people as they are truly dependable. From Wyoming down to Texas and in parts of Nebraska is where you will find me during hunting seasons.  When it's not hunting season I am spending the off months training hunting labs at home for my own business Guides Choice Retrievers along with being a dad to my daughter Lauren who has been my right hand man at her young age. 

Mike Merlo
California, USA

My name is Mike Merlo. I am 40 years old and live near the East edge of Sacramento Valleys rice country in Roseville California. I have been hunting waterfowl since I was nine years old and have hunted ducks in Alaska, Alberta, Oregon and all over Northern California.

During duck and goose season I hunt everything from dry and flooded rice fields, pastures, and seasonally flooded marshes at public wildlife areas for canadas, specks, snows and ducks. In the off season I enjoy, contest calling, photographing ducks and geese, and volunteering my time with California Waterfowl Association.

Mitch Workinger
Oregon, USA

My name is Mitch Workinger.  I am currently 18 years old, and live in Eastern Oregon.  I was introduced to waterfowl hunting when I was 5 years old.  After my first duck hunt I was hooked at a very young age and always wanted to go ever since.  I spend 70-80 days a year pursuing waterfowl across Eastern Oregon.  I also enjoy hunting deer, elk, bear, turkeys, along with fishing for salmon, and steelhead.   I started contest calling when I was 13 and won my first time entering a goose calling contest.  Ever since then I have been traveling around the west competing in duck and goose calling contests.  I hope to make my way to Stuttgart, and Easton in the future.  When I am not hunting or competing in calling contests. I like to paly baseball, basketball, go shed hunting, and spend time with my friends and family.

Nick Bilava
Nebraska, USA

My name is Nick Bilava and I currently reside in Omaha, NE. I grew up and still spend a great deal of my time nearby the Platte River in eastern NE. I am an avid hunter pursuing anything NE has to offer from water fowling, bow hunting whitetails and chasing spring gobblers. During the fall migration, our area stages thousands of migrating ducks and geese due to the number of refuges we have available. The birds become wise quick to the safe zones so adjusting our hunting tactics to be consistently successful is very important. One thing I always can count on is my Bill Saunders Calls to perform day in and day out regardless of the conditions. Bill has a line-up of calls that will fill any need and situation for a hardcore water fowler.

Kole Lane
Idaho, USA

My name is Kole Lane and I live in Eagle, Idaho. I am currently 15 years old. I grew up around a lot of big game and upland game hunting but little waterfowl. I went on my first duck hunt when I was 9 years old and have been hooked on waterfowl hunting since.  I got my first Bill Saunders call when I was 10 and it is still my go to call. I entered my first calling contest when I was 9 years old. I enjoy calling in contests and meeting many new people. I am a freshman going into Eagle High School and I play baseball, football, and wrestle.

I hunt a lot of ducks on the Snake River and many rivers Oregon has to offer. Most of my goose hunts are a in my backyard. A 2 minute walk down the road and into the pit and I am waiting on shooting light. If I am not hunting or fishing, I’m preparing in the offseason or hanging out with friends and family. I try to be in the outdoors as much as I can and enjoying learning new things.

Nick Wells
Iowa, USA

I currently live in Gretna, Nebraska with my understanding wife, Toni, two daughters Charli (who already loves her traffic) and Pyper, and black lab Sam. I grew up on a farm in Central Nebraska in the heart of the rain water basin where my passion for pursuing waterfowl began. When I was barely old enough to walk my father and grandfather would pull me across the Platte River in a johnboat to our goose blind. Sitting in the blind, watching, listening as they turned flocks of Canadian geese towards the decoys with their feet down, started the urge burning deep inside many years ago. Whether I am sitting in a field or out in the middle of the river each hunt adds fuel to the fire as the birds always offer a new challenge. When I am not chasing ducks and geese around all parts of the Midwest I enjoy spending time with my family, hunting pheasant, turkey and deer, raising and training Labs and also teaching all that want to learn how to blow the best out there, Bill Saunders Guide Series Calls. Do it right, and finish em’ tight, Nick!

Randy Southard
Wisconsin, USA

My name is Randy Southard and I live in the small town of Black Creek, WI with my two boys Wyatt and Ben and awesome wife Beth. My passion is to finish geese and to take my kids honker hunting. I typically hunt 5-6 days a week throughout the entire season. Along with constantly chasing them here in Wisconsin I venture north to Canada 2 or 3 trips a Fall and try to sneak a trip in out west to get the heavies. Spending as many days in the field as possible learning from the birds is what really matters to me. The off season, if there really is one, finds me trying to help out with duck rescue and goose banding with a local duck club. I also love to chase those fresh water sharks, northern pike, with a fly rod.

Scott Curtsinger
Texas, USA

My name is Scott Curtsinger, i live in Lubbock, Tx and am the owner of Longneck Outfitters, the premier waterfowl outfitter in the Texas panhandle. I have been hunting ducks, geese, and sandhill cranes for more than 30 years in the this part of texas. I have been guiding hunters all across the US for more than 12 years now and look forward to each season as if it were my first. My favorite birds to hunt are snow geese and sandhill cranes, both are extremely wary and the hardest of all waterfowl to fool. Please fell free to contact me through either one of my websites, or and i will be happy to help you with any questions you may have regarding hunting, calling  or migration status in my part of the country. Hopefully we will see you in our spread soon.

Spencer Proulx
Connecticut, USA

My name is Spencer Proulx. I am 19 years old and I am from Farmington, Connecticut. I am a college student and waterfowl guide in upstate New York. I started waterfowl hunting at the age of 10, and my addiction to the sport has been growing ever since. So much so that I have found myself to be hunting almost exclusively waterfowl. I owe many thanks to the waterfowlers around me, especially my Dad for fostering my love for the sport and passing his knowledge on to me.

I have hunted in many different conditions and scenarios and I can honestly say I have enjoyed it all. I regularly hunt many regions of CT and NY, and have hunted MD. Bill Saunders Calls have become a vital part of my gear and I have found all of Bill’s calls to be of the highest quality, and the deadliest! I love the range, power and responsiveness of the Atomic G for breaking down those high flying migrators, and the ultra-realistic, pure duck sound of the Steve Shultz Triple for convincing those wary mallards to commit. Shooting them in tight is what it’s all about!

During the off season you can find me fishing, target shooting, or spending quality time with friends and family.

Todd Dillon
Connecticut, USA

My name is Todd Dillon. I am 41 years old and live in northwest CT. with my beautiful and supportive wife, Annette. I am lucky enough to be employed in sales in the outdoor industry, so everyday of the year I am living and breathing hunting and fishing. I began my waterfowl addiction at the age of 15 and by age 18 knew what I really wanted to do…….. focus my efforts on tricking them big ol’ heavies! Over the past 2 decades, I have really honed my skills and have become very successful at putting those big birds, in tight, back-flapping over the decoys. I spend an average of 60+ days a field each year chasing puddlers, divers, specks, honks and snows, if it can be called and has webbed feet then I’m probably interested! I regularly hunt CT, MA, NJ, NY, ONT and have been fortunate enough to have hunted in DE, AR, ME, OR and SASK. Bill Saunders Guide Series calls are a vital part of my gear; I would not be caught in the field without my Traffic call or my Atomic G! In the spring time after chasing spring snows I can be found in the timber chasing long-beards, or on the water fishing for small-mouth, large mouth, trout, salmon, and striped bass in the surf.

Beau Brooks
Washington, USA

My name is Beau Brooks and I am from La Center, Washington I have been in the outdoors since the day I could walk. My father was to blame for this addiction. Hunting every season available we never stopped. Fall I enjoy hunting big game! But as soon as I hear those whistling wings I spend my winters hunting waterfowl. I travel across the Pacific Northwest hunting Flooded Corn, Big Water/Rivers, Tidal Flats, and Fields. I hunt from October to March hunting waterfowl. Watching ducks or geese work the decoys is one of my favorite parts of life. Once April hits the frogs begin to croak It's one of my favorite times of the year spring it's turkey time I hunt Washington, Oregon and I have hunted Arizona. Hunting Merriams and Rio Grande turkeys on public land has provided me with a challenging yet fulfilling hunt. I hunt these birds with both archery and shotgun. This has made me become a better all around turkey hunter. When I am not hunting I am working on the farm or participating in elk, goose, and turkey calling competitions. Calling is a very important part of my life and I only trust the best products. I believe Bill Saunders calls have he realism and durability that I need when I am in the field or on stage.

Will Riddle
Oklahoma, USA

I grew up hunting the Katy Prairie outside of Houston Texas. I started guiding hunts down there as soon as I got my drivers license when I turned 16. When I graduated high school I moved to Lubbock Texas to attend Texas Tech University. I immediately fell in love with West Texas and became obsessed with chasing the huge numbers of little geese and cranes up here. Since I have been in Lubbock I have guided for Crooked Wing Outfitters and have ran an average of about 60 hunts a season while still being a full time student. I graduate Texas Tech this spring of 2018 and couldn't be happier with the opportunities I have been given that are allowing me to stay here in West Texas and guide full time after I graduate. 

Cory Hext
Oklahoma, USA

My dad took me on my first duck hunt at the age of 9 and from that day I was hooked. I love to chase big honkers in Oklahoma but I spend my winters in Central Kansas guiding for Big Kansas Outdoors. Its hard to beat a couple thousand lessors landing at your feet. During the off season I enjoy training dogs and attending shows and calling contest.

FA Brand Pro Staff Big Guns Guide Service